We buy property directly from owners – no waiting for a sale, no staging for viewings, no agent commission.

Making offers in

Gauteng, Free State, and KwaZulu-Natal.


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We assess the lot you need sold quickly, and begin talks with you on your needs for the sale. All this to compile the right sales terms for your needs.

Additionally, one of our agents will arrange a property visitation to meet you in person.

Based on the information gathered about you and your property, we will make an initial offer on your property, which is fully negotiable.

We make an offer in two forms:

  • direct purchase – we purchase your property directly from you and move it into our name, or
  • sourcing agreement – we arrange with you to source your lot to a per-qualified investor (only) from our private investor network to purchase your property promptly instead – taking UP TO 4 additional weeks. We do not find a regular buyer for your property nor put your property up for sale. We are NOT an estate agent and in no way charge a commission relating to the property.

We understand that you could be in a very unique and/or tough situation. Because of this we’d prefer you to state all your needs. We will do our all to cater to your every need.

Upon acceptance of our offer, our conveyancing attorney will draft a formal Offer to Purchase (OTP; Sale Agreement) to formally purchase your property.

We or our referred investor will provide all legal documentation required for the sale to succeed and complete. Finance will be arrange, with all transferring funds being kept in the conveyancing attorneys account until transfer. No funds will be transferred directly between either parties – buyer and seller.

Upon clearance at the deeds office, the property will formally move out of your name. All your outstanding charges will be paid up in full (where/as applicable).

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Upon transfer of the property, we will pay:
  • Transfer duty
  • Conveyancing attorney fees
  • Certificates: water, electrical, gas, etc
  • Outstanding rates & taxes
  • Outstanding levies (if applicable)
  • Repairs needed for certificates



This service is only open to sellers who need to sell urgently and/or who are distressed, where speed and convenience is the top priority.

For regular market sales we recommend the following property sales marketplaces:

Click name to go to each property sale website.


In many cases we will require the property be vacant upon transfer. For example, if you are the seller, we would require you to vacate the property immediately at transfer.

Additional discussions will be had if the lot is being rented during a sale.


At this time we require that all properties / land be registered as residential.


An offer cannot be made on properties that have only been recently purchased in the last 5 years by the seller.

The seller must have owned the property for no less than 5 years.


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